To continue playing:
Hold Up and press button 2 eight times at the "game over"-screen.
Note: This code may only be enabled if there is a total of $400 or more when gameplay ends.

Hidden Location:
In Lake Fathom, when you come to the first octopus, kill it by punching out the tentacle segments, or you can use the Teleport powder and punch it in the face twice. After you kill it, center Alex over the gray pot and press down twice. This will bring you to an underground lake and the southernmost island in the lake.
This cheat/tip was taken from "The Sega Notebook"


ScreenShot1.png (3911 bytes)

ScreenShot2.png (3944 bytes)

Either hit each of the "balls" in the octopus' "arm"...

...or use the Teleport powder to punch the the octopus directly in the head.

ScreenShot3.png (3600 bytes)

ScreenShot4.png (4475 bytes)

Place Alex over the chest and push down twice.

Guide Alex through the underwater cave.

ScreenShot5.png (2271 bytes)

ScreenShot6.png (2211 bytes)

Get all the nice U.png (93 bytes) :-)

After you have grabbed the extra life and eaten the rice ball you will continue to the next level!

Final room:
When you get to the room with the pink boxes at the bottom of Cragg Lake, step on the boxes in the following order: SUN, WAVES, MOON, STAR, SUN, MOON, WAVES, FISH, STAR, FISH. After you complete the Sequence, the Crown will appear on the ledge. If the Sequence is not performed correctly, a ghost will appear to kill Alex. If this happens, immediately run as far to the left side of the screen as possible. (Do not bother jumping over the boxes in the floor.) This will make the ghost disappear, if he has not started moving already.
This cheat/tip was taken from "The Sega Notebook".

Janken matches:

Character Choose
Stone Head 1 Stone - scissors
Scissors Head 1 Scissors - paper
Paper Head 1 Stone - Scissors
Stone Head 2 Paper - Paper
Scissors Head 2 Stone - Stone
Paper Head 2 Stone - Paper
Janken Paper - Paper

Hints from the notebook:

  • Timing is everything when jumping and punching.

  • Grab as many bags of coins as you can. That way you'll be able to buy lots of helpful items at The Shop.

  • Be sure to eat the RICE BALL at the end of each location. It'll give you energy. And it's worth 1,000 points.

  • Don't try to attack the FLAME. It's invincible. Just avoid it at all costs.


  • It is possible to do a running slide with only a little running start. This is pretty hard but useful, so practice this allot!

  • While swimming, press and hold down button 1. This will make Alex swim faster.

  • It is not possible to have more than two bags of gold on the screen at the same time if they come from destroyable boxes. If a third box is destroyed,the bag of gold uncovered first will disappear. Note that this also applies to bracelets, extra lives and ghosts. (The ghost will disappear only if it has not yet started moving. If you uncover a ghost, you must act quickly to get it to disappear.) (Copied from "The Sega Notebook")

  • While many guides/tips on the net, advises you not to buy a Sukopako motorcycle in The Blackwoods, I'll give you the opposite advice. If you've been practicing a little it's quite easy to avoid falling into the spikes.

Please email me with any tips that you think are missing!

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